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The Pink Sound Protocol is a 16 week relief program
for people who suffer from tinnitus or hyperacusis (or both).

It was developed over the past three years at the Oregon TInnitus & Hyperacusis Treatment Clinic in Portland, Oregon (est 1997) and has been tested on volunteers in a pilot study since 1997.  The use of pink sound allows a person who has sensitivity to higher pitched sounds to comfortably use this therapeutic noise. To date, we have had over 300 subjects complete the 16 week program, and the response has been overwhelmingly favorable.

Do read the Testamonials page, for remarks from people who have purchased and completed the program.


The protocol consists of the use of a soundtrack of pink noise and a 16 week Cognitive Exercise Program with weekly exercises to support the listening program and overall health.   The 16 week workbook has been divided into four month-long sections, each one with a different focus topic, such as Recognition, Relief, and so on.  In each section of the workbook, there are exercises to complete, thoughtful questions to consider, and helpful advice. 

 It is as if you had a highly trained professional tinnitus advocate in your own home.  Included in this four-month program is the best of 14 years ol clinical experience for your personal use.

The pairing of the 16 week Cognitive Exercises in the Workbook with the pink sound therapy has shown significant promise as a relief system for the average person.

Why was this new program created?

The idea for the Pink Sound Protocol was born from a desire to provide an audiologically based program combined with a cognitive restructuring guide for those who suffer from these troubling symptoms and who would like to try an entry-level program to obtain relief and improvement. 

Who Created this Protocol for Hyperacusis?

Dr. Marsha Johnson, Audiologist, from Oregon, who has specialized in tinnitus & hyperacusis since 1997, developed this program to help those who suffer from the symptoms of the disabling condition, which can create isolation from family and friends, hardship in the workplace, problems with everyday living due to reduced sound tolerance for simple everyday noises or voices, and others.  Dr. Johnson has been highly trained in several prominent treatment methods including attending Dr. Pawell Jastreboff's 2nd course for TRT, and Dr. Paul Davis' course for US providers for the Neuromonics Program, as well as many other highly specialized treatment options for these difficult sysmptoms.  She presents her research at national and international conferences.

The Pink Sound Protocol is an affordable alternative as well for many people

Current Therapies for tinnitus treatment  Include Counseling, Drugs, and Sound Therapies: 

Pink Sound Protocol is a Sound Therapy.

As scientific researchers strive to discover more about tinnitus and hyperacusis in an effort to finally locate a cure, the use of sound therapy programs, counseling, and prescription medications are the the primary therapies.

Pink Sound Protocol is Designed for Home-Use

The Pink Sound Protocol is a simple, easy to use at home program, adaptable for most people without serious hearing loss, and requires a few hours per week to complete the workshop exercises. 

The minimum suggested wearing time for the pink sound therapy is four hours per day.

Over Two Thirds of Those who Completed the PSP Report Improvement!
    in tinnitus or hyperacusis

In the volunteer beta study, pre and post testing was used to track progress for the 16 week program.  The criteria for success was established as a significant drop of at least 30% in the scores obtained in the testing.  Of the volunteers enrolled in the beta study, 72% showed a signficant drop of at least 30% in these test scores. 
Since this site was establied in the late fall of 2011, users have reported approximately the same degree of improvement when using the pink sound along with completing the 16 week self-administered workbook.

Again, this program is designed for individuals with normal or near normal hearing (no severe or profound hearing loss without additional consultation) and who have been examined by a physician and an audiologist to rule out any significant medical conditions that could be treated in some other way.  

  We strongly encourage you to seek appropriate medical care for any auditory symptoms including tinnitus, hyperacusis, hearing loss, or pain.

For those who have completed the program so far, here are the most common outcomes:

Improved Sound Tolerance
Relief from the Tinnitus Intrusion When Using Pink Sound
Better Sleep
More relaxed, less anxiety
Feeling better about oneself
Finding more joy in daily life


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