Pink Sound Protocol For Tinnitus & Hyperacusis

What kind of Sound is Pink Noise?  What Can I Use?

We recommend the use of pink sound for recovery from hyperacusis and/or tinnitus mixed with hyperacusis, due to its softer nature and muted higher frequencies.  White noise has a sharper higher pitched quality to it as it represents sound across all of the frequencies, but pink sound helps by reducing the higher pitches, so that users of pink sound for treatment at home, can tolerate this noise much easier.  There are many articles and applications of pink sound for treatment of hyperacusis, and the main goal is to use it as a primary source, expanding with time into other noises and sounds, music, or nature sounds, that can stimulate the auditory system gently and thoroughly.  

The use of sound as therapy is similar to using physical therapy for an injury to a muscle or a bone, and the use of gentle broad band sound helps the middle and inner ear which has been insulted or injured by sound or accident.

 We recommend that you obtain a pink sound app or download from a free site.

You can find pink noise or pink sound on many different websites, iPhones or iPads or computers.

Here is one place where you can listen to 10 HOURS of pink sound, for free! 

In addition to these many free sites, you can also order a Pink Sound CD from the Hyperacusis Network from Dan Malcore, for about $10.

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