Pink Sound Protocol For Tinnitus & Hyperacusis
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 To Purchase A Pink Sound Protocol Program

The 16 week workbook program is available here  


The Sixteen Week Cognitive Exercises (4 four-week workshops) $95.00

This will be sent as a PDF file to your home computer via email, to be printed out or used on the computer to complete the 16 weeks of exercises and activities that will complement your listening program, this 16 week protocol was written by Dr. Marsha Johnson, audiologist. 

*sample of PSP Exercise Book pages:

The goal of this first month's cognitive workshop is to learn to recognize and define your current situation with tinnitus and/or hyperacusis, and to take steps to gain perspective. The use of these four monthly units is designed to inspire and support your listening program with the pink sound player, and to help shift deep seated beliefs that may be contributing to your personal point of view. Inspiration and support carry the possibility for improvement and re-orientation to a healthier, more positive, you.

Recognition is the first step in any process of health disorder or imbalance. We must realize that there are symptoms or conditions or behaviors that are „different than before, that create problems for us, that cause us to move from ease to dis-ease or disease. Things are not quite right, you might say, and for those who suffer from tinnitus or hyperacusis, often the symptoms can include auditory perceptions, i.e., ringing, buzzing, hissing, or whistling crickets, or other inner-sounds, and with the hyperacusic patient, loss of sound tolerance is obvious. Former activities that were enjoyed or tolerated become very difficult or disturbing, i.e., work settings, social events, and normal daily living activities like washing dishes, children?s voices, or noisy pets.

Recognition involves investigating the physical causes of these symptoms, and we will now take these important steps towards recovery..........."



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