Pink Sound Protocol For Tinnitus & Hyperacusis


This page will be used to supply remarks from those who have ordered

Thank you for making an affordable treatment choice, I cannot travel and your Pink Sound MP3 track has been so helpful for me.  DJ from the Midwest

Hi, Dr. Johnson was very nice to  me on the phone and helped resolve my internet purchase issues and also spent time talking with me about the pink sound protocol and ended up shipping me a hard copy and a CD of the pink noise as I am home bound and cannot travel due to severe hyperacusis.  She was very kind and I am filled with hope
that I will be able to benefit from this affordable treatment for something that has had a very negative effect on my life.  MR from NY

The CD arrived quickly and I was able to download it into my computer as well as my iPod, very easy.  I can use it with an earbud and still hear other people while I am getting relief from that awful screeching shriek in my head.  The workbook has been interesting and my wife and I have spent quite a bit of time in discussion over some of the ideas and exercises.  It has taught me a few things already about how my own attitude can influence my state of health. Thanks, RL Ohio

Nice to have something I can order when I don't live in the USA and cannot get to any treatment.  SW, UAE

I ordered the personal player with the pink noise downloaded and it arrived, cute pink shuffle style unit, hardly larger than a postage stamp.  Easy to clip onto my collar and I can use the pink sound when I want to, for improving my sound tolerance.  Just wearing it makes life easier.  JJ, Florida

"Hello, I am a 38 year old man living in the midwest, healthy person, not sure why I developed hyperacusis but it came on gradually over a few months and I was using earplugs most of the time, had been to various doctors and no one could find anything, I am far away from any big clinics also I am without insurance currently due to life changes so I took a chance on the PSP and CD.  Loaded the CD into my iPod and I like the sound very much, I find it soothing, and I did complete the four month program with the guided exercises which ended up helping me with more than just hyperacusis. I feel that I have made significant progress towards more tolerance and I feel so much better now than last spring." Kenneth, Illinois

Our son, age 9, has really bad hyperacusis, but loves the Pink Sound personal player.  He can adjust the volume to where he is comfortable, and says it sounds like he is at the ocean when the wind is blowing.  It has helped him feel more confident to go new places and not be so afraid of all the sounds.  Thanks!  UR, Vancouver, BC

"Dr. Johnson, thank you for making this available, I have been waiting for something like this for years, RL, California"

"After a car accident, my left ear was really sensitive and higher pitched sounds were
so annoying!  I am using the PSP now and the pink sound cd and I am finding some relief and also it seems like I have found some improvement even in the first four weeks, if that is possible.  Using the pink sound cd is easy in my computer and I also made a copy and use it at work which is relief., AF, Pennsylvania"

" I suffered hyperacusis after a surgery in which I  had an allergic reaction to a pain killer which left me with very reduced sound tolerance.  I decided to order your protocol and the pink sound cd, and I was only able to listen to the cd for a few minutes at first, but the worksheets were very encouraging and supportive and over time I have been able to listen to the cd as well as your Soothears Nature Sounds on your main website at and it has changed my life.  I am going to continue on this program until I do recover and get back to where I was before the surgery.  Thank you, thank you.  JS, California."

"Thank God for your work!  I cannot travel and my tinnitus has been torturing me for years.  WIth your helpful remarks and suggestions, I have found relief and improvement over the past four months.  The use of sound as therapy was something I wanted to try, but could not really afford the fancy treatments.  Your practical advice and ideas for trying out new simple and effective therapies, on my own, has been great!  Thank you, Dr. Marsha!, Fred, Idaho Falls"

God bless you, Dr. Johnson, for your kind words on the phone and for sendiing me a hard copy of your Pink Sound Protocol as I don't have access to a computer or printer.  It has been very interesting and helpful for me and I appreciate your help.  Margaret from Colorado

Pink sound for a full hour without interruption has been great for me, helps mask the tinnitus I hear and lets me relax fully in some of the concentration exercises.  The soothing pink sound is really pleasant and makes me think of soft rain falling on a meadow.  I have come to enjoy my sessions with the CD every day and I know I am able to tolerate sounds much better now.  PJ, NYC

Hi Marsha, thanks for helping all of us with this great program, as you know, I am an audiologist in private practice with many patients with tinnitus who just cannot afford to pay over $5000 for a treatment option and this PSP of yours has been terrific for many of them.  It is so great that they can access your expertise via the written program and the pink sound cd has been very helpful.  This is just a great first-step option, too, for many patients!  Way to go!  DL, Seattle, Washington

Dr. Johnson, thank you again.  Jose, Barcelona, Spain

Our daughter, age 16, suffered hyperacusis as past of her autism.  We are using the Pink Sound CD at night to help her sleep and we have noticed more tolerance in everyday experiences.  Thank you so much.

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