Pink Sound Protocol For Tinnitus & Hyperacusis
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What Sounds to Use

What sounds should you choose to use with this program?

Neutral easy comfortable sounds and noises are best.  You can purchase a pink sound audio download of an hour on the ONLINE STORE site on this website.

Examples are pink sound, Brownian sound, natural sounds like waterfall, rain, ocean, quiet noises like fan sounds, fountain sounds, stream or water running sounds are often very acceptable.

Where do I find sounds?

One of the best resources is an app you can load on your phone or iPad or computer, called Relax Melodies.  This is a free app and you can download it and have access to many different sounds and noises.

You can also find many free sound tracks on youtube on an iPad or a phone or other tablet.  Youtube searched for SLEEP SOUNDS will provide you with a huge free list of sounds that can be listened for as long as 15 hours!

There are many varieties of sounds and noises that can be searched for on google and downloaded for free into your iPod, MP3 player, telephone and other device.

It is good to find a recording of at least sixty minutes in length.  This will allow you to listen continously for an hour as needed without interrupting.

There are also cds of pink sound you can purchase on amazon or other store, which arrive with a 1-2 hour recording.  The Hyperacusis Network used to provide one for $10 donation that was about an hour in length.

You can use music as well, played quietly and at a comfortable decibel level, in other words, you can try a variety of sounds over time to stimulate the 70,000 auditory cells that lead from your ear to your brain and back again.  The use of sound is a kind of auditory physical therapy that is very effective over time at improving tinnitus and hyperacusis.
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